Elegant living, redefined.
The primary function of a home is shelter, but there is an essential need for artistry when transforming a collection of desires and dreams into reality.

The biggest misconception with our company is that we only build big, expensive homes.  This is not true and we can show you why.  It doesn't matter how big the homes are that we build. It doesn't matter how expensive you want your home to be. What matters is the quality that is put into every Templehome we build.

We use the same craftsman on every home no matter what the cost. We don't have an expensive house crew and an affordable house crew. Every home big or small built by Temple Construction will be the very best it can be.  We build homes in all price ranges!  From your first home to your last home,

Temple can and will build them all. We build homes starting at $250,000. The price of a custom home is typically driven by two choices; size and amenities. Some homeowners may need more space and not need as many bells and whistles, while others want a smaller space that has many more amenities.  We understand this and can accomodate your and your lifestyle.

Temple Construction passes along all of their builder's discounts to their homeowner's. We give a detailed cost breakdown explaining where every penny of your money  is going and why. We will sit down with you any time during the process and share bids and invoicing with our customers. You can sleep easy at night knowing what you are paying everyone on the job, including us. 

We feel our attention to detail and pricing is unmatched by any other builder in the area. If you are thinking about building a new home, make us your first call. Remember that the size and amenities drive the cost, not the builder. One of the most enjoyable parts of our job is working with people that are so excited to build with us because they never thought they could afford it.   If you would like to see some of our finished homes please visit us on Facebook and look at the hundreds of images we uploaded into client albums.

Quality shouldn't come at a higher price, and it doesn't at Temple Construction. You get quality at every price, every time. Other builders can claim that they have the best prices, it's just not true. If you bid a job and all the bidders are providing the same products and services, the numbers should be close. It is when builders supply inferior products and services that they can show "super low" prices.

Last time we checked, products that are built to last 100 years, shouldn't be the cheapest. Temple Construction will never be the lowest and we will never be the highest, we will be right in the middle, solidifying why we feel we are such a good "value". When you are ready to build, come in and talk to us about our process and products. You will leave our office and realize why we people continue to "Come Home to Excellence".