Justin Temple

Justin is a second-generation custom home builder carrying on the legacy started several decades ago. He is the Principal of Temple Builders, an award-winning design/build firm located in Madison, Wisconsin. Justin prides himself on paying constant attention to the details, design and budget.

He is a longstanding board member of the Madison Area Builders Association (MABA) and serves as the President of the MABA’s Foundation.  Justin also has been appointed to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Leadership Council, representing Wisconsin at the National level.

In his spare time, Justin and his wife Sally enjoy shuttling their three children to hockey practices and watching them play in hockey games all around the tri-state region. Justin is also a volunteer on the local ice rink and youth hockey association boards.

You can be assured that a Temple home is one that doesn't fit into the mold of what the masses are producing and building. Instead, it is a home that takes on an art form with the creativity and uniqueness you deserve at a very competitive price.


“We pride ourselves on delivering authentic, quality-based elegant homes that stand the test of time. We love building unique custom homes, it is just that simple.”

-Justin Temple
Principal, Temple Builds.

We believe in the power of great design

We share a passion for the sophisticated, the delightfully unexpected and making the old look new again. Our mission is to inspire and enrich our clients lives by creating artful, timeless, and fulfilling personal spaces.

Armed with the ability to create interest in any architectural style and in any color palette, we have spent decades crafting beautiful homes for the most exacting clients. We believe that a beautiful home is not defined by how glamourous or expensive it is, but how personal and interesting you make it.


Building a personally designed custom home takes time, but that time invested will pay off every day you live in your home. A common mistake that is continually made in the custom home building industry is putting an emphasis on speed over design. There is a happy medium intertwined between those two techniques and that is the goal we target.

Getting to the end of the project and continually saying “I wish we had done this” or “I wish we would have done that” is not the conversation you want to have after you have moved into your new dream home. We pride ourselves on spending the appropriate amount of time with each client to make sure when the home is finished it is a completely accurate reflection of you and the way you live within your spaces.